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If you are unsure of what value to place on the Ask theentrepreneur services to be provided, the following method of determining your fee may be appropriate.  Take your gross annual income, and divide by 2080 (52 wks x 40 hrs).  This amount would be a suggested hourly fee rate, times, the amount of time you think went into the services that were provided (minimum of $20.00 charge).  Add (or subtract) to this any added-value you feel is appropriate to the services provided.  Or you can just pay the amount you feel the service and answer provided is of value to you. Your initial amount (with submission of your question) should be 50% of the fee you have set - the balance and any additional amount may be made after your question is answered or your services are complete.  For your convenience, a PayPal link will be provided for your use upon submitting your question, and again upon receiving your answer.

Other helpful factors for determining what amount to donate

The amount you determine for your question should take into account the following factors:

How quickly do you want an answer...
The higher the amount you set for your question, the more likely an Ask
theentrepreneur mentor will begin work on your question quickly. Mentors earn 75% of the price of the question when they post an answer to it.

How complex is the question...

The more complex the question, the more time it requires for a Mentor to answer. A Mentor will be more motivated to immediately work on a complex question if he or she feels adequately compensated for the time expended. If you have a sense of how long it will take a Mentor to find an answer, you should take that into account. For example, if you know your question could take 3 hours to answer, you should price your question higher than you would if your question would take only 15 minutes to answer.

How valuable is the information to you...
Only you can determine the value of the information you're seeking. If it's important and urgent, you should value your question accordingly.




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