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Wall Street Solutions For Main Street Companies

Structured Collateral Syndicated Finance
(Currently Under Re-development)

As a Master Broker for a Wall Street Law firm & Capital Management company we facilitate and assist a working relationship with the firm which provides professional and expert financial services for the procurement of private placement investment, direct investment, international project financing, venture capital funding, capital loans and/or credit lines. They work directly with capital funding, financing and investment sources, both domestic and international, to procure the most competitive terms and conditions for clients.

·         Domestic & International Project Financing from $10 Million - $2.0 Billion

·         Investment Capital for Governments, New Ventures, or Corporate Growth

·         All Countries and All Industry Sectors Can Be Financed

·         Low Interest Rates From 1.0% - 7.0%

·         No Collateral Required From Client – They Procure Structured Collateral From Third Party Investors

Unlike other dubious schemes promoting structured collateral loans that end up to be scams (and most are), they have well-developed and proven methods for organizing and structuring capital financing loans, including collateral instruments and insurance bonds from investors, cooperating banks and international financial institutions, for procurement of full capital funds with favorable terms and rates.

The procurement of substantial capital funds is not a myth, but an unavoidable reality. The mission of funding sources is in fact to loan working capital, not to withhold it. They are under significant pressure, have a fiduciary responsibility and contractual obligations with constituent investors, pension funds, trusts and even government agencies to make active use of funds to realize gains. Underperformance or inactivity results in damage to the source’s reputation, and even loss of rights to manage the entrusted funds.  The firm applies extensive professional resources, intellectual property, and effective strategies, to obtain an approval and offer for clients from a funding source on favorable terms.

Although clients are required to pay for certain minimal preliminary expenses for funding deliverables, after preparation, the firm conducts all of the active work on procurement of capital funds, 100% on commission.

During the past 6 years of professional practice, the firms success rate for obtaining approval of client projects and
offers from collateral providers and capital funding sources is 100%.

Although not every collateral provider and every source accept or approve each particular project, the resources, methods and persistent work of the firm allow them to maintain and repeat this record of reliability.

Whether you are looking to finance a commercial project, a new venture, or grow your company, the best way to start is by contacting us for a free review. We will work with you to validate your funding goals, presentation of an acceptable package, and assess the best strategies and resources for capitalization.  For a full an complete presentation of the details of this program, request a copy of Structured Project Financing - Overview of Resources & Methods (provided after we review your business plan and preliminarily assess the likelihood to position you for approval).

JR Nash





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