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Wall Street Funding Solutions For Main Street Companies

The Self-Funding Capitalization System™
Self-Issuer Process and Other Details

1.  Upon accepting you as our client, you submit to us your Business Plan and Pro forma financials with assumptions (historical financials, balance sheet and cash flow statements if prior history).  We draft your custom Bridge Capital Seed Notes and then your Reg D 506 PPM, Executive Summary, Cover Letter to Accredited Investors, Setup a custom Investors section Webpage templates linked to your website (matching your website template).

2.  We send your PPM to our SEC attorney for review and letter of consent.

3.  Month two we identify the most appropriate Accredited Investors lists and sort the purchase to gain the most favorable results.

4.  We coordinate with our mailing house, a personalized mailing of the cover letter and executive summary to the demographically favored list of accredited investors.  We also post your opportunity on select Accredit Investor electronic forums.

5.  Interested accredited investors will visit the "investors" section of your website, where we have directed them in the cover letter to register for access to your PPM.  They will be emailed a User Name & Password for access, where they will then be able to download your PPM and supporting documents.

6.  You may then follow-up with the registered accredited investors to introduce yourself, respond to their questions and take their subscription (following our precise instructions to stay in compliance).  YOU ARE NEVER MAKING COLD CALLS TO PROSPECTIVE INVESTORS.  All the people you contact will be opt-in accredited investors who a) you know they are interested in your opportunity as they have requested additional information, and 2) you can assume they have read your PPM and business plan and thus know about your opportunity.

7.  If going public through a SB1 filing to the OTC BB, once the capital raised is sufficient to fund this process, we initiate the going public process, which will take 4-months to complete and be trading - the self-issuer private placement process continues through this period and then the capitalization if finished out in the public market.  In certain cases, will will also dually list the issuer on the Frankfort and LSE in order to raise all the capital required. 

8.  The Self-Funding Capitalization System™ also provides you all the instructions and forms you need to record your interaction with investors and we handle all the securities filings required upon their subscription.

9.  You have access to our private Wall Street Capital Club providing additional capital sources and a multitude of supporting resources.

10.  We guild you through the process of closing investors and give you sufficient consulting support through the whole process to the completion of the capitalization.

11. Those accredited investors opting for principal protection through our PrincipalProtector
™ Trust, may learn more about how this works at the webpage link provided.  We will work with the Issuer on the details and getting this implemented when an investor(s) selects this option.  Instructions and forms for self-directed retirement account funds are included in the Self-Funding Capitalization System™ package and we will assist in this process.

Additional Details Are Available Upon Request


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