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Wall Street Funding Solutions For Main Street Companies

The Difference Between What The Self-Funding Capitalization System™ Offers
And What All The Other Companies Are Offering On The Internet

First of all, let's address “those that find you money.”  We know many of you have already been through the painful exercise of having retained “money finders” who have taken significant fees up front and have produced no results whatsoever for you.  See Section II A in Who is A “Broker” – anyone who fits into these categories, must be licensed by the NASD in order to be involved in your funding process and take a fee for doing so.  They all tell you their system, process or way is legal, compliant, blessed by legal council, etc. and that they can introduce you to the money (and take a fee for doing so) bottom-line…unlicensed “Money Finders” are illegal and they don’t work.  Only two entities can raise capital for you, those who are licensed by the NASD, such as Broker Dealers, Registered Financial Advisors, etc. or the issuer themselves under the Issuer's Exemption (Section II[D]5) or Associated Persons of an Issuer (Rule 3a4-1 Point 240.3a4-1 4(ii)A,B&C also applies), period…end of discussion.

Most issuers are uneducated & uninformed on the process of raising money themselves directly, or they do not know how to structure their offering and/or find those badly needed investors and stay in compliance with the SEC, nor are those issuers strong enough or sophisticated enough to attract a broker dealer to raise money for them.  Broker dealers are not going to take on a start-up or early-stage company - statistically, a start-up, early-stage or small seasoned company only has a 1% chance of attracting a broker dealer to issue their securities.  If they are in the lucky 1% the cost is likely up to $100K up front, 10% of the capital raised and 10% of their common stock, and they will likely lose control of their company to investors.

So, you need to be a knowledgeable and successful self-issuer of your own securities and do so in complete compliance with SEC and NASAA rules and regulations.  And that is the main difference in our Self-Funding Capitalization System™ and most of the other offers you find on the internet - what they are doing for you may not be in compliance with securities laws.  Other important main points of differentiation are as follows:

1.  Our PPM is a custom drafted PPM, not just a quick boilerplate generic PPM with the same deal structure as every other one you see.  We provide a very marketable deal structure - not just a "common stock" offering with a high  dilution factor and no clear exit strategy;

2.  The SFCS INCLUDES a 100% principal protection option for investors (no additional up front cost to the issuer).  NO OTHER PPM SERVICE HAS THIS - Only obtained exclusively through SFCS;

3.  SFCS includes up to 4-hours consulting per month with a seasoned Investment Banker that can provide you advise and workable solutions to your capitalization;

4.  SFCS includes access to our password protected Wall St. Capital Club and all of its resources - continually updated;

5.  SFCS includes our on-line support service to answer questions that arise, through the Wall St. Capital Club  support section;

6.  SFCS includes an SEC Attorney review and Letter of Consent;
7.  We drive qualified Accredited Investors to you, all you need to do is respond to their questions and ask for their subscription.  We file all required SEC forms.

7.  We are 100% SEC and legally compliant with everything we are doing - most of the other services are not and could cause the issuer a violation.
Compare Typical Competitor Pricing Here A few other competitors may charge substantially less for services, however, all things are not created equal, so don't just shop price - do your due diligence.

    “Whenever the people are well informed, they can be trusted with their own government; that whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights.”
Thomas Jefferson

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