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Wall Street Solutions For Funding Main Street Companies

In Today's Marketplace, Investors want Guaranteed Returns, No Risk of Principal,
and Liquidity in their Investment.  Our Turn-Key System of Self-Issuer Private Placement,
 with a AA-rated Insured Principal Guarantee, is the very Best Alternative to Effectively
Raising Capital Today...Period!   We Provide Marketable Deal Structures That Attract 
Investors (Adjustable Private Placement Offering
), and an SEC Compliant and
Proven Capital Raising System That Enables You To

Our system begins with the issuance of Seed Capital Bridge Notes, claiming the Accredited Investor Exemption 4(6), a little known and seldom used "secret," which enables an issuer to raise a small amount of initial capital quickly, inexpensively
and in compliance with federal and state securities regulations - this provides you the seed capital required to fund
the Self-Funding Capitalization process.  click here to review the Accredited Investor Exemption Model (www.nasaa.org/content/Files/Model_Accredited_Investor_Exemption.pdf).

Included in our Self-Funded Capitalization System™ are 12 essentials that every self-issuer needs to properly, effectively
and successfully execute a capital raise, and are as follows:

1.  Bridge Capital Seed Notes allowing you to quickly raise a small amount of adequate funds from personal and professional relationships to fund the funding process.  These Notes are short-term and will be paid back quickly from the proceeds of the Private Placement Offering to follow.  Issuing securities under The Accredited Investors Exemption is the quickest and least expensive way to issue initial seed securities.  We recommend issuing short-term Secured Convertible Seed Capital Notes in order to attract provisional capital (a 1-year maturity is ideal) enabling the issuer to afford the process of raising larger sums of capital by launching the exempt Regulation D Self-Funding Process;

2.  We draft a professional Cover Letter and one page Executive Summary which will be sent to Accredited Investors;

3.  We draft your Private Placement Memorandum under a Reg D 506 Blue Sky Exemption with a patent pending & proprietary hybrid deal structure which is investor-friendly and highly marketable.  Our Adjustable Private Placement Offering provides investors the flexibility of adjusting from Debt to Equity and full principal protection, changeable to more Equity and partial protection or full Equity and no protection – all in whatever incremental adjustments are desired by the investor – the investor controls the amount of risk in their investment!  We provide you an SEC attorney review of the document and a legal opinion letter that the document is in compliance, which is placed as an exhibit in the PPM; 

4.  Our PPM's include our exclusive and proprietary PrincipalProtector Trust structured collateral option for investors which guarantees 100% of their principal - Only available through VFA;

5.  If you so desire, the Use of Funds in the PPM will state that the first $150K will be used to pay for the costs of taking the company public on the OTC BB - our 4-month "Going Public Process" then provides for the vehicle and facility to finish the capital raise in the public market, including dually listing on EU exchanges.  Seed Capital Bridge Notes (if they convert) and Private Placement Investors now have liquidity in their investment, and the OTC BB shell itself  has a market value of +/- $700K, providing further value and security in their investment.  We also have the ability to seed your company with up to $1M of advertising credits which goes right onto your  balance sheet, just prior to your audit, providing both an increase in the worth of your company and advertising $'s with which to further promote your company. (Going public is not absolutely required and we can structure the offering to remain private, however, in today's market investors want liquidity in their investments and providing an exit through the public market may make the offering more marketable);

6.  After steps 3 and 4, we initiate direct mailings each month to targeted, high net worth Accredited Investors.  The lists we use are the same used by E*Trade, Ameritrade and other major brokerage houses - our lists are verified within 45-days of mailing (as to accredited status) and protected for 120-days (no other mailings 90-days prior or after our mailing).  The number of mailings increases month to month as investor funds allow for larger and larger mail-outs, until the desired amount of capital is raised;

7.  We post your opportunity on appropriate Accredited Investor electronic bulletin boards and continually manage and update the postings - we make you highly visible in the best possible position in these Investor Forums, which gets your deal in front of tens of thousands of active accredited investors - with these postings, we can provide a FREE video recording of you pitching you own investment opportunity, which we can then also post on the investor section of your website;

8.  We custom develop an Investors Section of six pages into your website which investors may affirm their accredited status and then gain access to your PPM and supporting documents - (this is a critical component to make sure it is done correctly and in SEC compliance);

9.  We provide training, tools and scripts to close qualified and interested investors which we drive to you.  You only talk with investors who have reviewed your PPM and have an interest in your opportunity.  We can also assist you in setting up a Finance Department within your company and in hiring a VP of Finance.

10. We provide you up to several hours per month consulting/coaching with an Investment Banker;

11. We file all required Federal Form D and any State required forms after the sales of securities, and provide you with SEC compliant records keeping forms for recording all activity, and keep you in compliance with SEC rules and regulations, and;

12. You have access to our password protected Wall St. Capital Club - funding resources, venture capital funds, angel groups, capital raising tips and commentary, compliance resources, forms, downloads, and a client support portal.

For Further Details, Discussion and Costs Contact:

Jim Nash

Click On Links Below For Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Why Am I Required To Have A Private Placement Memorandum To Raise Capital

2.  What is The Difference Between What The Self-Funding Capitalization System™Offers And What All The Other
     Companies Are Offering On The Internet

3.  Our Process of Being a Self-Issuer Explained

4.  The Process of Going Public

5.  Typical Timeline and Phases Outlined

6.  When comparing our costs, please,
Compare Typical Competitor Pricing Here, although, no one has a process
     close to what we offer.  Our fees are progressive as deliverables are completed and milestones achieved.

7.  Review SEC Regulations concerning
 Who is A “Broker” (Section II A); the Issuer's Exemption (Section II[D]5);
     who qualifies as an Associated Person of an Issuer (Rule 3a4-1 Point 240.3a4-1 4(ii)A,B&C also applies). Are the
     other firms you may be talking with in compliance?

Self-Funding Capitalization System™ is a wholly owned and exclusive product of Venture Funding Advisors, LLC


"Investment Banking & Business Development Solutions"


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