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Going Public Process

Following are the requirements to file with the SEC to go public on the OTC Bulletin Board:

1.  The company is earning revenue, or if not earning revenue, the company can show that it is a real business with one or more employees working fulltime in the business. The company need only be in business for a short time, as little as one month. The company also needs to be incorporated, have a bank account and have auditable financial records;

2.  The company has or can obtain no less than 40 shareholders in order to be “public”. If a company is unable to secure 40 shareholders on their own, we
are able to seed the company with the minimum number;

3.  The non-insider shareholders (excluding management) must have purchased a minimum of 400,000 shares of the company’s stock that can be registered with the SEC as the “float” when the company is listed and publicly trading, e.g. 40 shareholders pay $2,000 each and buy shares at 20 cents so they get 10,000 shares each. Those 10,000 shares x 40 shareholders equals 400,000 total shares or $80,000 which in most cases will cover the entire cost of going public

4.  In order to be eligible to go public the company needs to hire an auditor and obtain an SEC qualified audit. The company then needs to hire an SEC qualified Attorney whom can prepare and file the SB-1 registration statement;

5.  From the time the audit is complete and the registration statement is filed by the attorney, the fastest the company can become public with a stock symbol is 60 days (Our entire process takes 4-months). Sometimes it can take up to six months if the SEC has a lot of questions about the history of the company or other items contained in the registration statement or audit. Once the company is cleared by the SEC (referred to as “going
effective”) it needs to be approved by NASD (now called FINRA). That process takes about 30 days and the company needs to be sponsored by a Broker-Dealer, whom we will assist you with;

6.  Our process takes the company
public for as little as $150,000 plus the cost of audit (all costs are usually covered by initial shareholders). For companies with a longer operating history, complex legal and/or accounting issues, total costs could be as high as $300,000;

7.  Once a company has its stock ticker symbol it can proceed to arrange various different funding programs that are not available to private
companies which we, and our resources will help to arrange. PIPE funding (Private Investment in Public Equity) would be one of the sources for funding, being dually listed on select EU exchanges may be another alternative.

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