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James R. (Jim) Nash

Mr. Nash has been an innovator and entrepreneur for over 30 years, founding and operating a number of businesses in the health, wellness and services industries…he is the founder of The WellCare Company and Club Company International. Previously, Mr. Nash was COO for an international entrepreneur network and Investment Life Services - a financial services company which developed and distributed insurance and asset management products through over 150 New York Stock Exchange member firms, banks, and insurance companies as well as thousands of producers.  He was responsible for management of internal operations, client relations, project compliance and due diligence both domestic and international.  Mr. Nash was Chief Executive Officer for a private boutique health insurance company, Chief Operating Officer for the for-profit side of a large heathcare system, and Vice President of Operations for Healthcare Technologies, Inc.  He has been a consultant for new business development, acquisitions, operational turn-around and decision support services, both in the U.S. and Internationally (China, Taiwan, Russia, Egypt, Jamaica).

Mr. Nash founded Venture Funding Advisors, an International consulting company which guides entrepreneurs through the process of validation of vision, due diligence & decision support, compliance, venture packaging, investment banking advisory services, capital acquisition and various business development services.  He developed the firms patent pending Wall St. Funding Solutions for Main St. Companies™ structured finance products including Self-Funded Capitalization System™, PrincipalProtector Trust, Adjustable Private Placement Offering™, Wall St. Capital Club™, and Ask theentrepreneur.

The firm associates with other select professionals (domestic & international) in the Investment Banking Industry, as well as securities counsel and CPA's to provide clients with the best results possible.  References are available for Clients.

Note:  Both present and past clients of the firm may need or want to preserve confidentiality, regarding both the client company involvement in a particular project, as well as the fact that outside financing was used.  Accordingly, we follow a strict policy of confidentiality.  While clients sometimes choose to disclose or even document our firm’s work in structured finance for procurement of capitalization, our policy is to leave that choice to each client’s independent discretion.

In accordance with these practices and policies, our firm can disclose objective and factual descriptions of the professional work done or in process, but not contact information of the key principal, or other access to the company.  We believe that the nature of our accomplishments and the volume of our engagements demonstrate that VFA has the credibility, background, capabilities and experience to reliably handle high profile and large scale clients.




"Investment Banking & Business Development Solutions"


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