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Wall Street Funding Solutions For Main Street Companies

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Investment Banking Solutions Clients

Our Internet-based network provides you with a new way to get your venture in front of potential accredited investors. NetFund™ is exclusively for our Investment Banking Solutions clients, and our network of accredited investors. Investors are able to review your deal, make contact with you, and manage the investment process.

The network may be right for you if...

●  you are seeking $1.5 million or more in private capital,
●  your company has significant potential for high growth
●  and an attractive return on investment,
●  you are interested in selling debt and/or equity in your
●  company to private investors,
●  you are potentially interested in partnering with publicly
●  traded companies.

Even though many businesses do obtain financing from commercial banks, not every business is bankable. And while venture capital firms receive a great deal of attention, less than 1% of start-up companies actually receive VC funding.

This funding gap is generally filled by accredited private investors.  They are typically individuals with a net worth of over $1 million or an annual income of over $200,000.

Private Investors generally prefer to invest in companies within industries and technologies that they know and understand.  Investors in our NetFund™ are actively looking for investment opportunities in startup, early-stage and seasoned businesses.

How does it work?

Step 1. We enter information about each of our Clients businesses and work up a one page summary and attach the business plan, and other supporting documents.

Step 2. 
We notify our Investors of your deal and they review your summary, business plan and other supporting documents.  Investors can keep track of businesses of interest in their own "Deal Portfolio." Investors are also encouraged to provide feedback to the company regarding their businesses and ventures.

Step 3. Investors contact the company directly.  Investors review company information and contact the company directly if they are interested in a particular venture.  Upon the investors request to see a private or public offering memorandum, a member of the company's finance department will contact them.

Client Q & A

Q: What is the Process?
A: Clients (or those that would like to become a client) should click through the "Contact Us" line on the preceding page, and email us an executive summary of your business/venture.  We will contact you for further review and due diligence.

Q: Why go through this process?
A: If we accept working with you to raise capital into your company or venture, we have the ability to raise capital through our closed network of accredited investors and other funding resources.

Q: What happens next?
A: Once your application has been successfully received, you will be entered into our review process. You will be contacted by email about next steps.

U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and state securities offices generally allow entrepreneurs and companies to publish certain information about their business, however there are certain restrictions under which this must be done, including:

a)  the listing of their business plan summary cannot include an offering of securities,

b)  the posted information must represent a company which is allowed to sell securities (corps. and LLC's),

c)  information must represent a company whose securities offering is exempt from federal registration requirements under either SEC Regulation A, SEC Regulation D, Rule 504, SCOR, or SEC Rule 1001,

d)  information must represent a company whose securities offering is fully compliant with state securities requirements,

e)  investors who review business plan summaries must be "accredited" investors (as defined by the SEC),

f)  NetFund™ cannot act as a broker/dealer of securities,

g) NetFund™ cannot act as an investment advisor, and

h) NetFund™ cannot charge additional fees based upon a successful matching or funding.

NetFund™ is designed to operate within these guidelines.

Investment Banking Solutions Investors

NetFund™ has been established to help match our clients and our own opportunities with accredited investors, locally, throughout the U.S. and international communities. Our client base represents businesses from a broad range of industries and stages of development.  These businesses or new ventures are our clients (not a random posting of business plans).  We have conducted in-depth due diligence on each opportunity and have carefully prepared each deal structure and offering memorandum (only provided by your request to the issuing company) to provide the investor the best possible return with the lowest risk.

The network may be right for you if you...

●  are an "accredited" investor as defined by the SEC,
●  would like to invest $10,000 to $1 million or more in
●  private companies,
●  are willing to take a high risk* in exchange for
●  exceptionally high potential returns on your investment,
●  would like to see young and emerging businesses start,
●  grow, and prosper.

*  We can midigate your risk with our exclusive and proprietary PrincipalProtector Trust which is structured into each client deal.  PrincipalProtector utilizes guaranteed insurance products as collateral to enhance debt and equity funding transactions for investment professionals and entrepreneurs. The strategies offer a hedge or principal protection allocation model that provide investment professionals and lenders with asset allocation tools that return an amount equal to 100% (guaranteed) of their principal loan or investment in speculative funding arrangements, real estate transactions or business transactions.

How does it work? (see info in left column).

Investor Q & A

Q: What is Angelsoft?
A: Angelsoft is a deal processing and collaboration tool used by Accredited Investors & Investor Groups and our Clients. Each time a new Client deal is submitted a private and secure "deal room" is created.

Q: What is a "deal room"?
A: The deal room is the collaboration center between you and the company or entrepreneur. You will be able to access deal related documents, exchange messages, and create events.

Q: How do I access the deal room?
A: You will need to register as an Accredited Investor on our website, and we will then email you the access information for our Angelsoft network.

Q: Does Angelsoft notify me by email when new information is available regarding a deal I'm interested in? A: When you become a member of a Deal Room, then you receive updates via email regarding the deal. You will receive invitations to events, notices of important deal news such as when a deal progresses to the next stage, as well as messages sent by other investors discussing the deal.

There are no membership fees for accredited investors.

There are no subsequent or hidden fees based on successful matches or funding.

There is no minimum membership duration and you can cancel your participation at any time.

All of the information you provide to us is strictly confidential. We only request the information necessary to insure that you are an accredited investor and to match you with ventures which might interest you.

Other investors cannot view your information. Entrepreneurs cannot view your information nor contact you in any way.

The administrator of the NetFund™ Angelsoft Network will be able to view your information in order to assist you with the process of identifying venture opportunities which meet your criteria.

We value the privacy of all our members.  Your information all data transmissions are safeguarded through a secure server, the latest encryption technology, and confidential member usernames and passwords. For additional information on how we protect your personal information, please read our privacy policy.



You can learn more about Angelsoft
and tour their system by clicking on
their logo below.



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