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Ask theentrepreneur can best be described using the acronym S.A.G.E. (Sāj) n. a person who is respected for his/her experience, judgment, and wisdom – a mentor. The term Sage is taken from the word Message, translated from the Greek word Presbeiva (pres-bi'-ah) which means 1. age, dignity  2. the business normally entrusted to elders.

The acronym S.A.G.E. is also descriptive of our four stages of the business & entrepreneur mentoring relationship: 

Surrendering - The act of giving back to someone.  A leveling of the learning field by sharing “business and entrepreneuring” life experiences and teaching others “lessons learned.”  The Ask theentrepreneur client benefits by the created “partnership” relationship - An Ask theentrepreneur mentor helps others to succeed with their individual and unique business and venture opportunities and challenges

Accepting – To take on the duties and responsibilities of helping others.  Your Ask theentrepreneur mentor creates a sense of assurance by showing interest, providing encouragement, giving unconditional positive respect, by listening and supporting you.  Your Ask theentrepreneur mentor asks questions and shows a genuine interest in your business and venture affairs - responding in confidence and impartiality.  

Gifting – This is where the teaching occurs – Ask theentrepreneur provides real-life, time-tested feedback and answers to the questions of the client, providing appropriate resources to assist in a successful outcome to the clients individual situations.  The focus is on helping the client apply timely advice and succeed in their business and venture endevors

Extending Ask theentrepreneur provides advise and resources that will extend the learning beyond the mentor relationship, providing other linkages that further the client’s career and helps them network and connect with other mentors and resources

Ask theentrepreneur services operates on a Fee-for-service basis, according to what you feel the fair-value of the services provided to your individual, business or venture needs.  We provide you access to our business and entrepreneur professionals, that will provide these personalized business and entrepreneur support services to you - 75% your donations contributed are disbursed to your mentor professional and 25% is retained by theentrepreneur.




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