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Wall Street Funding Solutions For Main Street Companies

Venture Funding Advisors, LLC

Investment Banking - in-'ves(t)-m&nt  bank·ing, noun


a:  Specializing in the formation of capital. This is done by outright purchase and sale of securities offered by the issuer, standby underwriting, or "best efforts selling;"

b:  The practice of raising money for companies. Common methods of capital raising are IPO's, private placement of stock, bond offerings, and other methods;

c:  Financing of the capital requirements of an enterprise rather than the current working capital demand of business;

d:  Investment banking assists public and private corporations in raising funds in the Capital Markets (both equity and debt), as well as in providing strategic advisory services for mergers, acquisitions and other types of financial transactions.

s&-'lü-sh&n, noun


Refers generically to the deliverables produced by any project. It is assumed that the completion of a project will result in a solution to a business problem or a business need;

b:  An action or process of solving a problem - an answer to a problem.

An International Investment Banking and consulting firm, Investment Banking Solutions was formed to assist start-up, early-stage and seasoned companies in acquiring the capital to successfully fund their ventures and operate their businesses...through our Self-Funding Capitalization System™, incorporating our exclusive Adjustable Risk Private Placement Offering™ and proprietary PrincipalProtector™ Trust principal guarantee, and other unique structured capitalization strategies, we provide the intellectual, relational and monetary assets for the entrepreneur of a company to be successful in their funding or finance activities. 

In addition to a solid foundation in business, finance, insurance, securities, investment & tax law, the principals, associates and strategic partners of Investment Banking Solutions are successful entrepreneurs and know how to succeed in raising capital, structuring creative finance solutions, launching and successfully managing an enterprise.  Our approaches to raising capital, structured finance & collateral and business development provide our clients the most optimal chance of success.

We apply demonstrated Wall Street Investment Banking and finance processes to assist Main Street Companies to successfully raise $1 Million up to $1 Billion or more, through creative deal structuring and implementing our proven Investment Banking solutions, and through shepherding the capitalization process much in the same manner Wall Street does.  We have developed a number of very unique and proprietary investment banking tools, structures and systems, which provide investors guaranteed returns, no risk of principal, adjustable risk options, tax strategies, flexible exit strategies and marketable deal structures - all translating to a successful and timely capitalization of your company or new venture.  We construct and assist you in managing a financial plan that will give your company the highest probability of capital attainment possible.

Details on our Investment Banking Solutions are described at the links below.  For additional information on how we conduct our business, please view our PowerPoint Presentation below, or you may contact us with your questions and for further information on our financial products, services and schedule of fees.

Our Investment Banking Solutions & Opportunities

       A Primer On Raising Capital
       Our Investment Banking Solutions Options
       Wall St. Capital Club

       China-US Finance & Business Solutions

       Wall St. Solutions for Main St. Companies
       Self-Funded Capitalization System
       PrincipalProtector™ Trust
       Adjustable Private Placement Offering

       International Structured Collateral Finance  
       ePIPE  A
Pass-Through Investment Structure

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